Cabanga, Cabanga my friend

13 06 2010

Yesterday afternoon I was buying lunch in one of Bangor’s petrol station and I saw a poster; “If you Believe, it will happen –  CABANGA”.  There were also CABANGA car stickers on the counter so I enquired what CABANGA was about. The attendant didn’t know, the other person behind the counter didn’t know either but she ventured a guess, “I think it’s about the world cup”. I looked again at the sticker, it had a football featuring a red cross on it, so it was an England thing. What the hell does Cabanga mean?

Well, “Cabanga is an African word meaning ‘to think’ or ‘imagine’ – dependent on the context. The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of southern Africa, specifically Zulu…”. Why was this word on car stickers? Well, it seems that England’s glory rests on chanting this word and there is a campaign to encourage, harmless enough really. Why I found the stuff in Bangor, a small city in WALES, is a pertinent question.

Cabanga? Sounds a bit like Gouranga. Chant Gouranga be happy, chant Cabanga be hopeful. Both aspire to making people  happy. Gouranga on posters is famous for defacing motorway bridge, Cabanga on car stickers could be famous for defacing cars. This brings to mind a classic lyric from Half Man Half Biscuit, from the song “Twydale’s Lament

“Gouranga Gouranga, yes I’ll be happy, when you’ve been arrested for defacing the bridge.”

While we’re on the subject of music, it’s Sunday and here’s another song.




One response

13 06 2010

Does the Jet Set pray at the church of the mighty Love?

“…I know he’s getting better ’cause he’s getting excited, telling everyone he hates Man United”

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