Der Sturmer I presume

10 06 2010

It’s certainly nice to see that racism is alive and well in the pages of the Daily Mail, middle England’s favourite journal. Thanks to Tabloid Watch for pointing it out to us.

“Wouldn’t it be great if TV coverage of the World Cup was limited to England’s games, those of hosts South Africa and of the tournaments ‘big guns’.

Then we would be spared the ordeal of having to sit through a match between Bongo Bongoland and the Former Soviet Republic of Bulimia and other meaningless events.

Mike Phelps
Yeovil, Somerset

Here’s a copy of the actual letter.

Wouldn’t it be great if Racists carried sandwich boards advertising their opinions so we, the PC Brigade, could tut loudly at them in the street.

On the other hand  the Daily Mail could be  trying to entrap the PC Brigade. One can almost imagine the unnatural delight on the face of someone poised to act on the thought “I know what will wind the do-gooders up”.

It’s not enough to feel sorrow for people with this mental disorder, that’s just patronising. These people have heard enough talk anyway, they need action. Yet again it’s fallen to the Jet Set to lead. We’ve decided to start a pressure group for the downtrodden Middle English. Now what should we call it? How about, “Bigots for justice” or “Impaired rationality survivors” or even “Cunts Anonymous”.

We’ll get back to you on this.


Mike Phelps of Yeovil in Somerset is not fictitious, in fact  he gets around and people even find him funny. (Some twat on The Spectator’s site opined; “This is LOL funny!”.).

How about The “Anti- Pc Brigade Brigade”? or the “I’m not Racist but… Support Group” or “Modern Xenophobes” or even “Middle English Defence League”. What about “The Bodenshirts”?




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