A nice World Cup

8 06 2010

When one is busy spouting off  one may forget the good things in the world. Last month we read something on  the site of our comrades, The Hibby Boys, but it slipped our minds shortly afterwards.  You’ll have to forgive us, even the most broad-minded soul can forget there is more than the bastardised football culture we swim in. The post was about the Anti-Racism World Cup.

Suddenly remembering this kind of thing magically restores your faith in humanity. If only more people would remember that we are capable of doing good things, if only more people would remember that we’d don’t have to accept what comes our way. If only, if only.

During the World Cup there will be an undoubted rise in patriotism, this will probably lead to xenophobia and racism. We can fight this by not giving in to it. The Anti-Racism World cup reminds us what we’re up against;

“In todays society fascism is a movement of force against the working class irrespective of where they are from. Fascism is opposed to all attempts by the working class to organise themselves, it opposes trade unions  mobilizing instead the most backward sections of the working class along racial lines to act against their own class. Fascism is the strong arm of the capitalist system and is generally only mobilised fully in times of greatest need. It is a blunt instrument of last resort and notoriously difficult for the middle class and rich backers of fascism to control once the genie is out of the bottle.”

FIFA see their role in almost similar terms;


Develop the game. Improve the game of football constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes. Football development means investing in people and society at large. Football is a school of life.

Touch the world. Take world-class football action and passion at all levels to every corner of the planet through our 208 member associations. The broad range of competitions shows the many faces of football, spearheaded by the FIFA World Cup™.

Build a better future. Football is no longer considered merely a global sport, but also as unifying force whose virtues can make an important contribution to society. We use the power of football as a tool for social and human development, by strengthening the work of dozens of initiatives around the globe to support local communities in the areas of peacebuilding, health, social integration, education and more.

We don’t want to question the vision of men like Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter but lads, we’re sorry, we trust the sentiments of the Anti-Racism World Cup more. Their words haven’t been formulated in a fashionable Swiss PR agency.

The Anti-Racism World Cup is a timely event, its main part is a football tournament;

“For the last three years teams have travelled from across the world to play against teams from various ethnic minority groups and from local communities in Belfast and across Ireland.

Last years tournament involved over 500 local people and 100 international guests and was a showcase for Anti-Racism against a backdrop of an upsurge of racist attacks in Belfast.

This year we intend to bring more teams to Belfast, including for the first time a Palestinian youth team, and we intend to make the tournament the largest anti-racist event in Ireland in 2010”

So just after Blatter and his cronies (more about them later in the week.),  are banking their gifts from Adidas and Budweiser, Donegal Celtic will be proving another world is possible. Hurrah for that.




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