Watching the World Cup

4 06 2010

Recently somebody typed “Where to watch the World Cup, Llandudno” into a search engine and they were directed to this blog. We feel that we should have an answer in case any else comes this way with a similar question.

So, “Where can one watch the World Cup in Llandudno?”

If you possess a TV we’d suggest you watch the world cup at home, we advise this for several reasons;

Firstly, the volume will be lower, you can turn down the irritating commentators and you can avoid the morons who like to shout and not speak.

Secondly, as your home is your castle, your sanctuary, you will avoid  anti-social types; the morons with painted heads, the idiots with the flags, the bandwagon jumpers who take the matches inexplicably seriously, the xenophobes etc etc. Basically you will avoid the dickheads that are drawn to the world cup because everybody else is.

Thirdly, if you fancy a break from the action your house will be full of things like books, DVDs and board games so you’ll have something to do. Go for a run!!!!



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