Qualification within our grasp?

3 06 2010

The host of Euro 2016 has been announced; France. What do you mean you missed it? Just after we found out this news we noticed that 24 teams will qualify for that Euro 2016. 24, that’s about half of Europe!!! This could be our chance, we could finally qualify!!!! Of course we’ll probably finish  just outside the play off places but it’s enough to make one dream….

Not all people are quite so happy about Wales having a better chance to qualify. A wag on the WSC messageboard put it thus; 

“And this is a good thing because …?”

Let the Jet Set point out the reasons.

First of all, qualification will help to broaden peoples’ horizons. We know people in Rhyl that haven’t been abroad for 35 years, we’ve come across people in Rhosllanerchrugog that yearn to have the use of a passport. There are people in Caernarfon that have never left Gwynedd and people in Llandudno that have never ventured past their self-satisfaction. All of these people will have the chance to spread their wings. Even if people won’t be able to make it to France at least they’ll have their gaze widened. Society owes these people a glimpse of something better!

Secondly, qualification will give us something to talk about. The Jet Set is sick of going to dinner parties and then having to play with paper napkins because the conversation has turned to hilarious European Championship anecdotes. We need to live, oh why won’t us let us live? We want the sun on our faces for a change.

Thirdly, it’s our turn. As Kevin Keegan might put it, we deserve our chance, after years of thin and thinner we all deserve something. Even if we don’t deserve it we’ll still take our chance with both hands. We may get into the tournament through the backdoor but who’s to say we won’t wake up on the front step with a nasty taste in our mouths. Think of the people who turned up in Milan in 2003, Dusseldorf in 1991 and Manchester in 2004 and came back empty-handed. They need the chance to see their team in action on the big stage and we need to give them the chance! 

There can’t be a person in Wales that doesn’t long for the summer when we can all wear face paint and be surrounded by idiots in a sweltering pub.  Just picture it; the whole of Wales watching our team, then forgetting what happened six months later – Armenia away doesn’t have the same cachet. We simply can’t wait!!

 Let us dream, let us dream!!!!!!!!!!!



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