Last match for a bit

15 05 2010
Glan Conwy 2 Llandudno Junction 1
Welsh Alliance

We missed the first 20 minutes. The other 25 minutes of the first half weren’t up to much –  too much aimless hoofing. Junction seemed to offer more poise and skill but this wasn’t often visible – they were hardly given the chance to bloom by the opposition. The second half was more of the same but at least we had been able to watch the match for 40 odd minutes in peace.

Then three scallies turned up. This may have been ok if they had kept themselves to themselves but they didn’t, as is a Scally’s wont. First of all one of them stood literally in front of me. By doing this he also obstructed my access to the bottle of water I’d just bought. I thought letting it go would be more prudent than subjecting myself  to a happy slapping.

The scallies obviously knew the Junction players. They were obviously diehard Junctioners, (only the diehard ones turn up with 25 minutes left). If shouting hilarious comments wasn’t enough, they began to offer a running commentary. The commentary mainly consisted of slagging off people who didn’t come up to their high standards, in other words everybody else. Things took a turn for the worse when they began using a phrase that the Jet Set had never heard before; “Look, ‘e’s Raped ‘im” and “Let’s stay down here, it’s dead funny seein’ ‘im get raped”

You hear things at football that make you wince from time to time, this was one such occasion. What the fuck rape (you know a Sexual Assault, a War Crime, an amoral act) has to do with making a full back look stupid? It used to be  “You been done” or “You’re Fucking shit you are” now some people use that horrible phrase.

It reminds just how differently some people view the world, and then makes you wonder how they manage to see things like that. To my everlasting shame I didn’t challenge the morons, I just left them to it. As I was moved past them a scally , you can’t tell them apart, was providing his account of an attack on somebody in Llandudno’s premier night spot, the  Broadway Boulevard Discotheque. You try not to judge people…. 

Thankfully Junction lost. Karma 1 Scumbags 0!!!!!!




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