Meanwhile, under the veneer of respectability….

8 05 2010

A day and a half after the news after hearing the news……

The clouds haven’t lifted. The situation feels sordid, greasy, disastrous. The nausea is still in pit of our stomachs, it’s chronic. Our whole being is surrounded by a cloying greyness. The future is a void.  It’s dreadful to think that, we can barely bring ourselves to type the words,………..Llandudno has a Conservative MP.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK etc, etc, etc.

To put it another way. Our home town, the place where we lay our hats, the green and pleasant place where we keep our collection of football programmes has seen fit to elect a Conservative MP, God bless Democracy!!!!

Then, in the rest of the country the Tories won the most seats.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK etc, etc, etc.

But the Tory bastards didn’t win a majority of seats so as we speak vigourous horse trading is going on in that there London. The Liberals appear to enamoured enough by Cameron to have long chats. You’d think that when a so-called progressive party, with aspirations of a change in the voting system, is faced with a situation where they could form a government with one of  2 parties (One reactionary, one  progressive) they would choose the more progressive one. Ex-public school Nick Clegg, on the other hand, seems to favour the reactionaries who don’t like proportional voting systems. Nick Clegg, the shining hope for our country, is just another pragmatic politician after all. But that’s by the by.

The Jet Set would like to thank Llandudno for saddling us with a Fucking Tory. You lot really are a bunch of morons, well done. You’ve thrown out the party that brought you peace in Northern Ireland, the minimum wage and the NHS and you’ve chosen the party that was against repealing the corn laws, against women’s suffrage, destroyed the mining industry out of spite and contains Michael Gove. Well Done again, have an extra big cigar you bunch of bastards.

Mind you, you can always take your mind off being morons by reminding yourself of the tax you’ll save, you’ll be fine!!!



2 responses

9 05 2010

Oops, obviously I meant the SDP. *grumble, grumble why won’t it let me edit it*

9 05 2010

The Liberals?! You’ve started talking like one of them. Poor old SDLP.

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