And so back to life

8 05 2010
Bethesda Athletic 4 Penrhyncoch 1
Cymru Alliance

Is there better way of getting an election depression out of your system than watching local football in Wales? “Not many!!”  I hear you cry. We chose Bethesda because we’d never been there to watch football. The  last time we spent any meaningful time in Bethesda we helped to ruin the rugby pitch by grooving to the Super Furry Animals.

Just as we were getting into football mode, they started appeared at the side of the road. They were still standing there as bold as brass. Those bloody Tory signs were now taunting us, daring us to……    Anyway, where were we?

….The day was sunny yet windy as we waited for the bus to Bethesda. Just after arriving in Bethesda we saw the environmentally friendly ground (The outer wall is partly made of reclaimed slate.). Bangor’s reserves were originally due to play a Cup Final here today but earlier this week the match had been switched to last night in Porthmadog. We thought we’d come anyway. It was mostly breezy during the match

The match was a bit niggly as Penrhyncoch seemed to have a couple of anti-socials playing for them. Bethesda also had a couple too, one was sent off for spitting. Penrhyncoch also had a good few moaners. The fact that they were losing to a team that was near the bottom (Penrhyncoch were 6th) probably didn’t help their mood.

As the Bangor contingent watched the first half we became bemused by the refereeing decisions. The Airbus folk that we chatted to in the second half were equally bemused by the referee’s decisions. Luckily the Airbus folk gave the Jet Set a lift to Junction, we salute you!



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