Sinking, sinking, sin……..

6 05 2010

Today there were the low clouds around Abergele. Was this a  nasty portent, a lofty metaphor of impending doom? It was too chilling to fully contemplate so we shuffled on. A few hours later, 9:50 to be exact, we had cut it fine but  we had voted, what’s going to happen next? Maybe it’s best not to look.

We know one thing, as the Facebook group says, there will be an;  “……awkward silence when someone says they’re voting Tory”. There will be many an uncomfortable pause when people admit they voted Conservative. It’s quite right too, a vote for the Conservative is a vote for xenophobia, selfishness and a pernicious attitude. It’s a vote for fear, fear of anything that’s different. 

You want proof that the Conservative Party is based around bigotry; Maggie, their golden idol, stood shoulder to shoulder with Pinochet, Enoch Powell enjoyed the wholehearted support of its members. The present leader, Good Old Dave, didn’t seem to mind Aparteid-era South Africa that much. If Conservatives weren’t natural bigots then why would they join a party whose ideas are based around bigotry and fear? Take their outlook; arrogantly assuming the mantel of leadership, having the absolute gall to claim that they are only ones who can be economically prudent as if those on the left like making bonfires with piles of public money.

While they undoubtedly have their drawbacks, the Labour Party is the biggest progressive party in Britain, mainly because there is no large-scale revolutionary alternative. The ideas of hope and betterment are part of their DNA. Because there was no parliamentary/Revolutionary split in the early 20th Century, as in Europe, they are also the political expression of the working class. As such they should give hope to those that want something different from the desires of international capital. They should have let the Conservatives stew in their bigotry and painted themselves as progressive from the word go. It’s to their shame that the Labour party didn’t try to put the emphasis a bit more on this, it only really happened recently.

Remember, if the Conservatives were right they would have cooler people than Michael Caine, Carol Vorderman and Simon Cowell as their pin-ups.




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