Election fever

4 05 2010

Only 48 hours to go now and the Mirror puts it perfectly;


We can’t let this twat win, well we can’t.

As I waited in a supermarket queue earlier I chanced across a pile of leaflets. The detail that drew my eye was the picture of a St. David’s cross flying proudly on the front. Was this the long-awaited north Walian Cardiff City supporters’ Association? No,  it was a leaflet for the Welsh Christian Party. “THE WELSH CHRISTIAN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!” I hear you splutter, “…but who are they when they are at home? A bunch of bloody touchy-feely do-gooders I’ll bet!!”

Errrrr, no they actually sound like the BNP in dog collars. They will put the “Great” back in Britain, they will set controls on immigration, they will restore our fuel production….. They will take us back to the time when “our protestant Constitutional monarchy” was a beacon to the world, “probity, courage, integrity and faithful…” Oh For Fuck’s Sake!! Yeah it’s all the fault of immigrants and their ideas. It’s lucky for us that Christianity was invented in Britain.

In a sea of broken promises, xenophobia and crack pots the Llandudno Jet Set is left with no other choice. We pledge our support for Bangor City FC. They are the only group that will deliver on their promises. VOTE BCFC!!!!





One response

5 05 2010

Just because one of their candidates has just left the BNP (He’s black by the way) said this [about the BNP]:

“the only party that boldly speaks against sodomy in public”

Doesn’t mean that they’re all homophobes… urm… I’ve just checked, I’m wrong they are.

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