Signs of the times

23 04 2010

If I were a selfish, reactionary xenophobe I would try to keep these anti-social attitudes in check, well you can’t go around spoiling people’s lunchtimes all the time can you? 

Unfortunately one of the many drawbacks to an election time is that it seems to bring these sorts of people out in droves. In fact they not only let everybody know they have these attitudes, they are proud of having them.

So how do I manage to spot them? Do I have extra-sensory perception? Of course I don’t! The signs are simple to spot. “So, what are they?” I hear you ask. Now they probably look like the rest of us after all so it’s not a distinctive personal appearance. They don’t wear brown shirts and jackboots, so it’s not their clothes either.  The signs that advertise the location of the xenophobic, are actually the signs outside their houses;

They mostly seem to appear outside big houses, make of that what you will. Unfortunately these signs seem to be spreading like rumours of an underground colony of unemployed asylum seeking criminals.

Just when you thought you’ve escaped, they pull you back in.




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