Another Victory on the road to……..

20 04 2010
Connah’s Quay 0  Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

When Reedy scored in the second minute we, like the fools we are, thought, “Oh aye, here comes another massive scoreline!” Not for the first time our mystical powers proved illusory. Mind you, in mitigation the pitch was bumpy, rutted and dusty – The arc on one penalty area was more of a dusty smudge than a line.

We should have scored a few more after the first goal but the final pass, and/or cross, was usually inaccurate. Connah’s Quay, on the other hand, had a couple of chances but their strikers didn’t really seem confident.

Johnno could have been injured but he was ok. His shorts weren’t, they were covered in pitch marking dust after the incident. Lee Hunt’s socks suffered a similar fate when he came into contact with the ground, our kit was slowly turning powder blue.

While the pitch may have put one in mind of a long hot summer, the nippy wind shook one’s reverie. One had to move at half time just to stimulate the blood flow in one’s feet.

The second half was cut from the same cloth as the first, except that Connah’s Quay hit the post and bar. We also hit the bar when Les’s shot narrowly missed going in. We should have had a penalty but the linesman confounded accepted opinion by signalling that the foul had been committed outside the area. Everybody else saw the Jamie Reed go down in the area. It’s no wonder history is such a contested subject, if people can draw different conclusions from viewing the same incident then god help those trying to deduce the significance of the French Revolution in Western Europe.

The biggest cheer of the second half was reserved for a Connah’s Quay player getting his second yellow card. In frustration he had managed to kick the ball out of the ground. As the punt had cleared the three storey building on the other side of the running track this was quite a feat but it led to a booking so it was a fairly stupid action. His frustration wasn’t due to a foul or a refereeing decision; it was the result of his failing to stop the football leaving the pitch. Just when you thought you’d seen it all!




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