Pleasant Interludes

19 04 2010
Prestatyn Town 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Cup Semi-Final

“We’re on the march with the Bangor Intelligentsia, Bangor Underground and Blue Army comrades!!! We’re on the march!….” 

Onward to glory!!!!!!!!.  Due to the actions of the taxi-driving Feng-Shui practitioner most of us decided to be prepared this week. We brought  towels so that Peter Hoy Football Genius could have use of one any time he needed one. Needless to say we weren’t afraid to brandish them at every available opportunity. As Newtown was bakingly hot the towels came in useful as a sunscreen. This was a great  idea until my head overheated.

Before the game the Prestatyn fans gave us their versions of Rhyl songs. Some Bangor fans pre-empted the toss for ends by joining the Prestatyn fans in the end with the seats. This made the end a little congested and thanks to the stewards it made it a little segregated too. But then that’s today’s callow youth for you, rash, impetuous etc, etc. Those with a bit of experience hover by the halfway line so we are not taken by surprise by a quick change of ends, this is particularly important when one has a flag to hang up. 

The game didn’t offer much drama and we won relatively easily. Prestatyn did create a few dangerous moments but they didn’t really trouble us, so in hindsight the moments weren’t that dangerous. After spending the first ten minutes worrying about our prospects for continuing the Welsh Cup run it was nice to have our nerves settled by a City goal; Smythe scored with a fantastic shot into the top corner. We hit the crossbar twice and the iceberg of a keeper pulled off some fantastic saves as well.  Garside scored our second just before half time so it felt as though we were there in the final, or at least closer to the final.

The second half went a bit quickly. The main points from this half were; we could have scored a couple more and Les came on again so we got to sing the Les Davies song. At the start of the half the Prestatyn Town fans tried to hold their ground but then probably got a bit bored so they cleared off to the other end. No more goals + little worrying = final place easily secured.

Anyway that was the match, what about before the match? Well we were all  in the pub (not the usual pub, they didn’t want our custom – leading to much superstitious worrying) and the good vibes radiated everywhere. As Geraint told me at the bar, Bangor City is a “Club of the Community”. Indeed it is.

Looking around that room you saw the club president, the chairmen, directors, players’ families, ex-players’ families, fans, friends, Romans, countrymen….. Fans of all ages were having a great time,  people who’d travelled thousands of miles to watch the boys in blue over the years were having a ball. It was a beautiful moment when you feel part of the community, everybody united by a common aim, a common goal, a common spirit. This is why we like football.

Bangor City 3 Airbus UK 0
Welsh Premier League

Sunday’s euphoria should have been present but it’s hard to feel euphoric in a sparse crowd. Where had everyone gone? At least the players had all turned up. Most people who had turned up seemed happy enough, although some were a little upset at the timing of the final. It had originally been scheduled for Sunday but now it was going to take place the day before. While this may not seem very big in cosmic terms it wasn’t the best step for those that work on Saturdays.

The match was quite good entertainment so it made us feel that bit happier. Airbus could have scored a couple of goals before we got our act together and scored the first goal. Reedy again. The rest of the first half was a bit of nothingness, we could have scored and they could have scored but no other goals were added.

After Eddie Jebb scored our second early in the second half. After the goal we saw what can only be described as a masterclass of long-range passing. First there was Johnno’s pass out of defence. It curled just over and around the defender and landed straight onto Eddie Jebb’s foot. It was such a fantastic piece of skill. The way the ball looked as it travelled through the air was beautiful, it was the perfect arc. Then Les hit another beautiful pass from one wing to another, again narrowly missing the outstretched legs of a defender, which only added to its beauty. The splendour of the pass was matched by the touch to control the ball, beauty was everywhere tonight! Brewie scored the third with a bullet-esque header, more efficacy than beauty this time.


Bangor City Reserves 3 Felinheli 1
Safeflue Cup

Usual fare tonight. Bangor stroked it about a bit and Felin were, let’s just say boisterous. Felin’s number 8 seems to be a bit of a character.

Bangor City 7 (Seven) Caersws 1
Welsh Premier League

This match is another reason why people like football; it was a masterclass of footballing excellence on a majestic sunny day. It was joy to be alive (the Jet Set obviously suffers from SAD). Us Ultras chatted as the match started, our “early stages of the match” want. We gently ease ourselves into the match. Bangor decided to mount an attack in the first minute, it was nothing, like usual. Then Smythe went past the right back and strode into the area, so what?  Then, in the manner of Luis Garcia v Juventus, he unleashed a fantastic shot over the keeper’s head and we were 1-0 up within the first 10 second of the match. What a joy it was to be alive………….

About twenty minutes later Mr. Lee Hunt esq  found himself on the wing. He was near the area, the keeper had been drawn mothlike to the glowing Mr. Hunt. Mr. Hunt nutmegged the keeper and then dribbled into the area, he calmly jogged forward before passing the ball in-between the  defender and the near post. 2-0 became 3-0 shortly afterwards when Reedy scored a penalty.

Soew souls had braved the sunny conditions. Then S4C had somehow forgotten their cameras so only the chosen few will be posterity’s witnesses to football greatness. Will this make today seem greater in years to come? “Grandad, tell us about the great day….” Very plausible if you ask me.

Caersws somehow managed to score just into the second half and then the doubts resurfaced, would we fall to the shakes again? NO, NO, NO and NO!!!!  Mr. Lee Hunt esq decided to score a hatrick then Sion added a sixth after a fantastic move. Brewie scored our seventh with another header. The hammering felt even nicer due to the Caersws defending, Agricultural is too generous, troglodyte would be more apt, yes troglodyte in all its puffed-out chestedness. What a nice day indeed.

We had to savour this as days like this are seldom seen by mere mortals.



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20 04 2010
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