A Political Protest!!!!!!!!!!!

12 04 2010

We arrived home from playing football to find an ominous-looking letter sitting there. Somehow we managed to miss it this afternoon and now there it was, sitting there ominously, staring at us. After opening the letter we found it was a plea sent by the Conservatives, or to give them their proper title, “The Nasty Party”. We found this experience rather unsettling so we’ve decided to strike back!

Here’s a step by step guide in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

Step 1 – Open Letter

Step 2 – Read the letter so that you can act in a fully-informed manner

Step 3 – Reply to the letter. (Write on the original letter as it’s not only a political protest, it’s an environmentally sound political protest.)

Step 4 – Put the letter in the enclosed freepost envelope.

Step 5 – Post the Letter!!!


So Guto, we won’t be supporting your bid to end public sector dependency. Toodle pip old bean!



5 responses

21 04 2010

It’s the way forward comrade, otherwise they’ll never know how we really think

21 04 2010

I have followed the Jet Set’s lead and returned my UKIP flyer to its Freepost address (although I did have to use my own envelope) with the following comment written on it.

“I am returning this just to cost you a small amount of money. The world is round try looking around you. This isn’t the 1930s and I don’t want to hear your fascist views.”

13 04 2010

We haven’t sent it yet!!, Thanks for the tip comrade!

13 04 2010

Your comment is awaiting moderation!? Are you trying to censor me? I hope so because in that case you can remove that errant letter ‘r’ that has attached itself to the word ‘the’ in the first sentence of my post.

13 04 2010

Did they Jet Set keep their address on the returned letter? I know of someone who wrote something nasty (I think it was threatening and racist, so don’t pay him any concern) on a Lib-Dem leaflet he’d received and returned. The old bill paid him a visit.

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