Easter Fun

5 04 2010
Bangor City 1 Port Talbot Town 1
Welsh Premier League
Easter Saturday

This match wasn’t up to much. Bangor tried and tried but the weather god had acted. In recent weeks he has played fast and loose with our desire to play our trademark beautiful football by ruining the lush pitch.  Bangor’s goal articulated the problems with the conditions; Smythe’s shot was true but then the ball hit the mud – “Phuuud!!!!!!”  –  and it stopped moving quickly. Fortunately the ball skidded into the goal.

The second half had just commenced when I managed to drop something behind the Farrar End goal, I bent down to pick it up. At the precise moment I looked up, the net bulged. A Port Talbot equaliser? It couldn’t be, we didn’………. Peter Hoy was prostrate and Port Talbot’s manager (plus subs) were bounding with joy. The unthinkable had happened!!!

After this Bangor tried to score but as you already know, the pitch didn’t allow much football to take place. “Phuuud!!!!!!” as the ball crossed the pitch, “Phuuud!!!!!!” when a long pass was attempted, “Phuuud!!!!!!” when a short pass was attempted, “Phuuud!!!!!!” as Lee Hunt hit the ground, then Port Talbot had a few chances to make us really agitated. So to recap, the match wasn’t very enjoyable. At least we didn’t have to wash the kit.

A  few other things we felt today;

(i) Disappointment that there weren’t many Port Talbot fans in attendance. I was looking forward to a chat with Nigel. At least they’d brought a few flags and a couple staged a political protest, fair play comrades!!

(ii) Bewilderment after finding out that Lee Kendall is a Feng Shui expert. Bangor’s back room staff had put towels around the attacking half so that Peter Hoy Football Genius could gain a better purchase on the ball for a more efficient throw in. “Kends” decided that he wasn’t happy with this arrangement so he decided to collect them and throw them behind the goal, lest the Feng Shui of Farrar Road become unbalanced. This must have been the reason as the only other explanation is that Lee Kendall still believes he’s a character in the same way that Robbie Savage believes that Robbie Savage is a character, or in more succinct language; he’s still a bit of a prick.

Porthmadog 0 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League
Easter Monday

Like last season we scored early (a Reedy header) but unlike last season we didn’t score a hatful, We nearly scored of course. Mr. Lee Hunt esq. dribbled but couldn’t score, he headed it into the middle of the goal but couldn’t score, he headed it to the left, he headed it to the right but he couldn’t score. No matter how much he hoped, no matter how much we hoped it wouldn’t happen. Not that you could call the keeper lucky, the ball only hit him twice when he wasn’t looking. To make it worse Porth nearly scored twice, one was just over, the other was due to a weak back pass of a header, luckily Johnno was there to knock it wide.

In the second half Mr. Lee Hunt esq. finally scored, what a relief!!! Two small facts; (Porth’s lack of goalscoring chances and Bangor more than holding their own, (what does that cliché mean anyway?) ), meant  we could have several enjoyable conversations whilst the wind gently induced hypothermia. Unfortunately we probably won’t be going to Porthmadog again for quite a bit as they won’t be in the glorious super 12. We travelled home via twisty roads, travel sickness ensued.




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