“Swimming upstream? At least I’ll get fitter!!”

2 04 2010

As it’s Election year, here’s a bit more on local politics.

When your gaze is wide and your interests are numerous you can forget that you live in a very small town. You forget that some of the denizens of your hometown have a more parochial world view. Remembering the existence of the 55% (you know, people like them) is  a very unwelcome cold shower for the soul.

It’s not the snippets of conversation you can’t but overhear, it’s not the graffiti you see scratched on CCTV poles, it’s not even the groups that some of  your “friends” on facebook join – “OMG!! Let’s all laugh at turbans!!!!”, it’s the blogs that pompous local personages write that enrage.

The blogs are basically an extension of the North Wales Weekly News Letters Page and they all use the same tone, “I’m the last sane person!”. Their reasonable view of humanity, in this PC-infected world, is severely tested by the trials and tribulations of modern life. The problems are mainly due to “them” (a flexi-group that’s expandable to anyone and everything that annoys; politicians, foreigners, cyclists…..). They particularly hate local politicians and when they smell blood they circle like bitchy vultures. Luckily you’ll never catch the Jet Set moaning about people they don’t like.

So where do we start? Let’s try the “Thoughts of Oscar“. Oscar seems to be typical. First of all he’s there to help, he’s going to take the “odd pop”;

“……at people in public life that get a bit too complacent……”

More power to the elbow comrade!!! He’s also the spokesman for a generation;

“…….There are a lot of people out there that feel the same, and have neither the place or time to air their views. The silent majority. Remember, the people are the masters!”

Now we know that ideas have to start somewhere and we know that people reminding politicians of their raison d’être should be applauded but the quite breathtaking arrogance of people like this  undermines any moral message they try to give out. Besides who are “The silent majority” anyway? Why are they silent? Do they have something to hide? Are they shy? Are they a shadowy group from the Brussels Underground? If they’re so silent why can you hear them moaning?

Remember Oscar,  it’s the quality of advice given to politicians that matters. Let’s see what Oscar advises;

“…..I am not a racist but a realist, is it not about time we adopted some policies like Australia and other large countries that have adopted a robust way of dealing with mass immigration?”

“…..The Bridge project is in serious difficulties……. “Hi Oscar (a fan writes to Oscar!!!)It has been over 3 months between the pictures and well I admit I’m no engineer, but in 3 months i would expect at least the actual bridge to have started to have been built, but as you will see in the pictures, the foundations have only been laid……”

“….In the world of private business it has long since been accepted that to many weekends are normal working days, it has become a fact of life, but not in the public sector, they still cling on to old working practices…..”

Next we see an apparent response from a fellow traveller to Oscar, if you’re like us you’ll be asking yourself which question was asked by the end.

“…….a new comment on your post “Who is the STUPID one now? Step forward Mark.”:

 “At a recent Question Time event in Llandrillo College, Gareth Jones shocked many by stating the benefits of working for the public sector Quote; “I Have worked in the public sector most of my life and it is a very comfortable existence”

He does not endorse the theory of enterprise and argued against people starting up their own businesses, stating that it was ‘a’ ‘thing of the past’.

It is he and his party that are a “thing of the past”!”

So which silent majority is Oscar representing? Well it seems to be an obviously right-wing, business-minded, business-owning bunch of moaning twats.  The kind of people who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. I’m no engineer either but I’ll trust Civil Engineers to do their job properly, I would like a safe bridge to walk on after all.

Now what kind of small business owning group has had a political effect in the past? Could it be the German Mittelstand in the inter-war period? Bang on comrades!! So this silent majority is basically the same type of grouping that helped to elect Hitler, or to put it another way, the “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME THEN?” school of political support. Rather ironically Oscar includes Pastor Niemoller’s famous poem at the side of his blog. It seems that moaning about local politicians is on a par with standing up to the Nazis…. Ye Gods!!!!

Let’s have a look at what the Llandudno’s hoteliers think;

(Background – there was a bit of a storm on Wednesday. The storm threw large amount of pebbles and stones on to Llandudno’s North promenade)

“I doubt the brass band will be playing on the prom this weekend i just had a stroll down it and it looks like a sodding war zone, i wonder how long it will be before it gets cleaned up,

The Bleeding traffic wardens are still as active as ever popping tickets on all the cars they can get their grubby little hands on but not one council worker in sight to start the clean up or move some of the rubbish that’s now littering the whole pce.

Stop moaning you silly old bugger, i hear 1 or 2 of you say(its an act of nature that cant be helped) Bullshit!!!, even i could have guessed when i watched tons and tons of stone being tipped onto the beach over the last few days that something was a bit wrong Fact the highest spring tides of the year were due for this weekend low pressure means that the tides would be even higher than normal and severe North Easterly wind would cause havoc on the beach.”

Then there’s the local blog for local people.

“…….And reintroducing slavery – a status which could be meted out to offenders in the same way as prison sentences or community service orders are now – could have an interesting effect.  It would – at a stroke – cut down on prison building, provide plenty of fresh air and exercise for the former inmates, and – best of all – those who paid their due to society in full, by completing their tenure as a slave – would be awarded full citizen status.

And, of course, the ultimate spin-off would be the reintroduction of the games – gladiatorial, naturally.   Think what Simon Cowell would pay for that.”

Over to the people at My Thoughts, My Country

“In my opinion Labour are those criminals who knock on an elderly persons door and say they have seen some damage on their house and will repair it for £100.

Then, they say they found some more damage and bill the owner £1500+.”

Now readers, here’s the piece-de-resistance. I give you the  thoughts of Councillor John Oddy. Although he’s an ex-member of the BNP let’s not show prejudice towards him, let’s see what he thinks first….

“I come under frequent attacks because I am anti muslim, I think Islam is an archaic, barbaric and dangerous religion that has no place in a modern world………………what would happen to the proprietors of a pork-pie shop in Karachi and how many atrocities have been carried out against Christian missionaries throughout the muslim world, one law for them and another for us………….. I do not consider myself a racist, nor do my many coloured friends…………….I believe that many more people are starting to realise what I have said over the years is……..”

“………Never mind, there is always retirement to look forward to and the thought of a villa in some warm and distant country watching on as Britain sinks deeper into the smelly stuff.”

Never mind readers, he’s only an elected politician in this area.

Unfortunately these attitudes are not confined to our small settlement. (See the spEak You’rE bRanes site for example). You start to wonder just how big in this silent minority is.  After reading all of these efforts you don’t know if Britain is actually full of xenophobes or full of people joining in with the moaners because they think that’s what people should think. The way they write about think you wouldn’t think that over 92% of Britain’s population is “white people”.

The worst thing about all of this is  that their grievances seem to be based on mis-interpreted information or even lies. Take the issue of Asylum Seekers. An asylum is “a safe place” and according to the United Nations every human has the right to asylum  if they need it. (article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and Britain signed up to this document in December 1948.

Becoming a refugee is not a decision taken lightly. It’s usually caused by the threat of imminent death. People may have to leave their families behind, they may have to go to a strange country to feel safe (they may have to travel thousands of miles to do this). Just Watch this video. You would be pretty heart-hearted to deny anyone in this position a helping hand. Ironically these moaners will regret the loss of community values.

These moaners will choose not to think about the causes they will choose to see, or even make up, the perceived effect. “So-called Asylum seekers come here for the benefits, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH”. How much in benefits are these dirty scroungers entitled to? £50-69 depending on their circumstances.

Now try to imagine the following situation; a teacher speaks out against the Iranian regime so Death Squads are sent after him. Is his first thought; “I’m off to Britain for £50 a week!” or; “Shit, I had better get away”?

You could argue that people wanting to come here is a testament to the fact that Britain is a tolerant, welcoming and relatively safe society. You could say that taking in foreigners under threat is a noble tradition. When it’s viewed in this way “Asylum” can be seen as something to be proud of.

Unfortunately all the moaners see are queues of thousands waiting to get in and take our houses. This is despite THE FACTS . You know little details such as; Britain is 17th on the list of industrialised countries accepting refugees and refugees are sent to live in the worst houses in any community. These little things are overlooked by people in the middle of a good rant.

Oh what’s that you say?

“It just the economic migrants we don’t like, blah, blah, blah, it’s people that have been coming here for years to use our lax laws for their benefit, blah, blah, blah…………I’m not racist but……….”

We’re with you on that one comrades!!

It seems that “The Silent Majority” aren’t so silent after all. It’s all rather depressing and make us feel ashamed, to think that people might believe the whole of Llandudno shares the moaners’ political vision.

Come to think of it, it’s not shame that overwhelms us, it’s nausea.

Only weeks to go now……….




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