“To be serious for a moment…..”

20 03 2010

Last night Britain was in a giving mood because Sport Relief was upon us. Of course it’s mostly a positive thing as the money raised will save lives in Africa. However this method of charity can feel a little distasteful as it revols around celebrity culture. After 364 days of thinking about themselves celebrities have suddenly developed a conscience and they’re dying to share it with us. “Go on!!! Give us your money for the starving kiddies!!” Forget the people and charities who are dealing with these probalems on a permanent basis, they’re not glamourous.

Take  the gargantuan Chris Moyles. He’s on a public-funded radio station and what does he do with this power? He takes the radical approach of eschewing music in order to talk  about the adventures of himself and his posse with a gravitas that befits events of earth shattering importance. Last night he was on television because he, and a load of other saintly celebrities, had spent 5 minutes in Africa to look at poor unfortunates. Now he cares about the little kiddies; he solemnly stated that “They just Kids after all!!” as if nobody would have realised this before he’d uttered the words. Just who the fuck do these twats think they are? Just because the issues have appeared on their radars they think their celebrity status will get the issue solved.

As the BBC is getting rid of some of its diverse output because it’s not cost-effective, it might be an idea for Moyles to do the noble thing; he could donate half his gigantic wage (for 70 hours work a month) to the cause, think how much good that would do!!

“Remember just one year of Chris Moyles’ salary, yes one year!!, would be enough to buy mosquito nets for a medium-sized African City, let’s get giving!!”

Never mind, he’s told us to give our money and he’s had a free trip to Africa. He can go back to doing what he does best, irritating the nation.

On the other hand we’re all just too cynical these days, leave these celebs alone!!!





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