Mickey Mouse wears a Rafa watch!!

18 03 2010

It’s common knowledge that the Europa League is as worthless as a prize from a christmas cracker. There’s no point denying it, it’s true. Of course it’s second rate compared to the glorious Champions League, how could anyone not relish the prospect of another Man Utd v Chelsea final. During last one in 2008 I was literally glued to my seat. If it hadn’t been for the adhesion I’d have gone to upstairs to read a book. BOOM BOOM!!!

Liverpool V Chelsea, Arsenal v Chelsea, Chelsea v anyone…………..zzzzzzzzzzzz. (Although anyone watching Barcelona last night will have been heartened that top teams can still play fantastic football.)

If those examples are the “best” what does that say about our expectations? Some of the people who must hate the effect of Sky TV, and other economically minded  groups, on football – “It’s not the peoples’ game any more!!!”, may responsible for spreading the new logic – “Look, Liverpool’s on Channel 5!!! They are crap, aren’t they!!”. When you add in  the effect of nouveau fans and the media’s thinking on the subject it’s not  difficult to see why the hype has struck a chord in the nation’s football imagination.

As with most hype, if you poke it with any vigour it can burst. If people were to actually watch the Europa league matches they will see matches full of drama and excitement, there are some boring ones too but that’s the beauty of football!! Take tonight’s matches; Fulham won 4-1 to go through 5-4 on aggregate (and that was after Juventus scored the first goal tonight), Werder Bremen and Valencia drew 4-4 and Sporting Lisbon v Athletico Madrid ended 2-2. If these matches are inferior in quality or excitement then some people have a funny view of football.




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25 03 2010

And I should also say that for some time now, Channel 5’s coverage has enjoyed significant advantages over the competition, not least through their employment of ‘The Professor’ Pat Nevin.

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