Adding a bit of colour to proceedings

16 03 2010

(Take this entry as the antidote to last week’s parade of morons. A.K.A Why Football Fans are……..Interesting People)

One may assume that the link between football and its fans is umbilical but that’s not strictly the case. Association football began without fans and the sport spread around the world without fans. That’s not to say that people didn’t like the sport  of course.

Fans became necessary when clubs needed people to help them pay the bills for professional footbal, in fact they were more than necessary – they were vital. Other people have made the point that football clubs are nothing without fans and when you think about the statement it’s an obvious one. If there were no fans every game would become a glorified kick-about. (From humanity’s point of view this may not be a bad thing. In fact it could be brilliant, football would become a method of expressing creativity without the pressure of competition, a pressure which has bastardised the sport.)

Fans have never been mere drones, they’ve never been happy to just prop up the ambitions of ambitious local butchers and retail magnates. Fans have always shaped football, or if not that at least they’ve shaped the way people deal with the sport. Nowadays fans can even  rescue football from grey commercialisation and other dark forces, FC United for example.

Fans have been particularly effective, and very creative, when they have  influenced the look of football.  Below there are a few examples of their value to the sport. Fans bring colour, they bring noise, they create friendship. In short they bring the carnivalesque to football. Not only does the carnival look amazing but it’s also great fun to be part of it. Long live Football!!!


St. Pauli

FC United


Olympique Marseille

A.C. Pisa




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