It’s like a different place

14 03 2010

1. Llandudno has two of the most expensive streets in Wales but the important question is, what do you get for your money?

“A number of them have private beaches…..

      ……….Surprisingly for a street, some of the houses are set within an acre of land.”

So, what kind of people live on “Millionaire’s Row”?

“…….There is a good mix of people living there, some are retired or coming up to retirement age, other houses have been bought by surgeons and other professionals.”

Last week I was in the local Spar and it wasn’t long before I was deep in conversation with  Barry, our  local Barrister’s driver. Somehow the conversation went  from the state of the fresh fruit on display to the increased cost of holidaying. Barry said that the Barrister is quite upset about it all. “You must pop around for cocktails!!!!” remarked the driver before he left.

Mrs. Smith said that she’d heard that barrister was awfully nice chap by all accounts. Later in the day I went down to the dry cleaners to fetch my tuxedo. The bill was only £10, which was nice.


2. An Ysgol John Bright pupil organised an “Question Time” style event for the prospective candidates in the Aberconwy Constituency for the forthcoming election.  It’s obviously very commendable when youngsters actually care about politics but unfortunately the organiser was disappointed that the Conservatives had lost.

Something bright always turns grey when a youngster admits they are drawn to “them”. Indeed it’s a distinct sense of disappointment when you hear that anyone supports the dark side.





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