Why football fans are……..the bane of society

9 03 2010

Just watch the clip to see the worst type of football fan, the “Overly Partisan Gloryhunter”.

You all know the sort. They had to choose which football club to support because everybody in their primary school had to.  By the time they reach adulthood this mental process will have mutated into a virus within their blood. They are prone to proud public displays of emotion and making ridiculous statements. (This behaviour has been learnt via the informal behaviour modification techniques of their chosen peer group – The Alpha Male of the group will have  learnt their behaviour  by observing  the actions of a bloke that once went to a match.) Despite never going to a match, “live too far away mate”, their loyalty never dims. Exorcism should be used to free their  tortured souls.

You’ll first come across one 50 seconds in. Go on until 6 minutes 39 seconds and you’ll see him again along with some more twats.  At 7 minutes 52 seconds in you’ll see THE solid bronze moment of irony.

You may see some decent fans in the other bits. As for the others, just imagine being stuck in a lift with one of them.




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