Get out of my mannnooooor!

7 03 2010

We first became aware that the Tories were bringing their irritating presence to Llandudno on Friday. The plummy tones of the shadow Welsh secretary, Cheryl Gillan, came forth from the television news…..

After a bit of research it turns out that we scoffed too easily, despite sounding like she hails from the really posh part of Wales, Berkshire, she was actually born in Llandaff and probably has a holiday home in the Mumbles so she’s rock-solid Welsh!! What’s that, she’s an MP in England you say. Parachuted in? Never!!!

Whilst she came out with the same old claptrap, in the finest of Conservative accents, the fact finally dawned on me; the Tories will be in Llandudno. The TORIES WILL BE IN LLANDUDNO!!!!!!!!!!! Then I remembered the 55% and earlier conferences. The  presence of a Tory conference in Llandudno is not actually uncommon or even surprising. Churchill came here in 1949 for example (Clip 1, Clip 2). Even Thatcher came here.

Then I had another thought about and I felt dirty. Then I remembered another clip from another Welsh Tory conference and I didn’t feel so bad. Look at this tit!!

How can anyone take the Tories seriously remembering this? Redwood’s still around as well. Ladies and gentlemen, I give  you the shadow secretary for the environment, transport and the regions.  The prospect that people do take them seriously is chilling.



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