That’s the end of that chapter

6 03 2010
Bangor City 3 Welshpool 2
Welsh Premier League

The pace of change at Ffordd Farrar is almost breakneck; Creche Demolished, clear roofs installed on the dugouts, new seats put into the stand, a new gate installed by the pitch, the pitchside fence repaired and now; a disabled area and toilets with roofs, yes roofs!!! We’d also seen change on the pitch; numerous additions since January. As Ferris Bueller once said to us; “Life moves pretty fast.” The changes did not meet with universal approval. The disabled section had robbed one fan of his usual seat;

“You give your time, get a season ticket, you take out an advert in the programme…..” I stacked some old programmes “………they do? They get rid of my seat. Years I’ve been there………….” More programmes needed restacking. “……..warm there over there’s terribl……..” The programmes called again “………crap seats. Jesus!!…….” Bloody hell, the programmes are so untidy today….. 

Thankfully a customer came into the shop. His questions spared me an explanation of the intricacies of licensing criteria to our aggrieved season ticket holder. The aggreived party left the shop muttering.

The match was cold but at least I had chilled food to eat. Luke-warm wraps (ooooh lah-di-dah) have a tendency to be too chewy in my experience. Bangor started well and kept it up long enough to take the lead.  Brewie was the scorer, a backpost header. We could have more of course, but then there isn’t a time when we couldn’t have scored a few more.

The next team to score was Welshpool. Somehow a Welshpudlian found himself in the area with the ball at his feet. He regained his composure to casually take it round Smithy and slot the ball home. Somehow they repeated the trick several minutes later, in fact it was almost identical. There was much cursing. Thankfully Welshpool didn’t seem particularly adept at defending so our chances would surely come.

A chance came but it wasn’t taken. Another came, another untaken. It was third time lucky as Reedy flicked a cross into the goal with his head. 2-2 is a much easier position in which to score a winning goal than 1-2 so people were happy, although the degree of happiness depended on who you spoke to. Some said we were lucky to be level, others said  it was a reflection of the half, I thought we could have been further ahead. Whatever our opinions about that there was one issue upon which we all were united; why had Welshpool keeper decided to wear purple socks.

During the second half Clive was assaulted by their number 5, incidentally the scorer of their 2 goals. The assault was unclear to the referee so he chose to book Nicky Ward instead of the number 5. The booking was for the heinous crime of complaining about the assault. The sheepish number 5 used the glare of the sun to hide his shamed visage. Clive left the pitch on a stretcher and the number 5 left his elbow marks on Brewie’s chest five minutes later. Quelle Connard!! Bonnet de Douche!!!

Just desserts were promptly delivered and they were sweet. Reedy fell over in the area so the ref gave a penalty. The keeper didn’t like it, the defenders didn’t like it.  They obviously weren’t as bothered by decorum as they appeared, they had remained silent after the number 5 had perpetrated his assault. The keeper failed to heed the well-known motto; “Goalkeepers never save penalties whilst they’re wearing purple socks”. Reedy calmly passed the ball into the opposite side from the keeper’s half-arsed dive. The keeper didn’t like us reminding him of the motto after it either, a stern look was eloquence enough.

For some reason we decided not to kill them off. We decided to piss around with the ball instead. We did have a few more goes at scoring but then we also wanted to keep the ball in our penalty area for longer than was comfortable. Throughout the last 25 minutes we urged Mr. Lee Hunt esq to break his duck. We urged, cajoled, pleaded with lady luck but it was to no avail. the duck remained unbroken. Never mind, next time Lee, next time!!!





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