Divide and Rule

6 03 2010

Mid Wales is not the type of place that one usually associates with football disorder. Miles and miles of undulating countryside, yes. Rampaging gangs of hoodlums, no. Therefore it’s a surprise to see that today’s local derby between Newtown and Aberystwyth needs to be segregated.

“There is a coach for supporters to Newtown leaving Park Avenue at 12.45 and coming back straight after the game on Saturday.

This is a supporters only coach with 57 seats, which stewarded by Aberystwyth Town officals and will work with the Newtown officals to make the game a safe and enjoyable one. There will be segregation at the ground for the away supporters so please abide by Newtown’s rules and regulations.

ATFC urge all junior supporters to take advantage of the coach as the police have been made aware of the social network websites comments in the build up to the game and will be monitioring those not travelling on the offical coach.”

(Taken from www.atfc.org.uk)

Watch Out!!! Your club is watching you!!! To judge from the internet discussions the cause of it all is teenage aping of the characters in Green Street. So, a few teenagers mouthing off have caused a lockdown. You have to wonder who’s making the decisions there. Just how easy is it to start a moral panic nowadays? It used to be about music, drugs, sex, mods and rockers…., now it’s a few teenagers using facebook.

As Bangor fans know from the past few seasons segregation is becoming a depressingly regular event in the Welsh Premier League. You can’t sit there, you can’t stand there, take that flag down!!! Oi!!!.

We could look at this in two ways; firstly, segregation is the result of the Welsh Premier League maturing into league where real rivalries have been formed, with concomitant hate and bile. Or secondly, segregation is the result of over-zealous policing and moral panics, you can rope in over-enthusiastic stewards here too, “It’s not my fault, I don’t make the rules blah blah blah”

It’s more likely to be the latter; aside from a few rivalries the WPL is a fairly sedate place. That the segreagtion seems to based on the whims of the police is really quite worrying. The fact they charge for their services is…..wait a minute…..2+2=4.




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