Here comes the cavalry!!!

2 03 2010

I flicked on ITV1 earlier this evening. I thought that I’d find coverage of the Brazil V Ireland friendly, in fact I had tuned into another (NIKE) RED moment at Emirates. It’s a simple idea, by using red laces in your boots to kick a ball with red patches into a goal net made from red cord you will end the tyranny of Aids for vast swathes of the world’s poor.

Just how cynical are these bastards? Firstly, they appear to think that we are stupid, simply clay upon which they carve their designs. Then they seem to think that it’s only when people like them become interested in an issue that the issue becomes important. Then they seem to think that people will somehow become interested in the issue because celebrities are involved. Lastly, these fuckers seem to think everybody is like Debbie K;

Debbie K said…

Thanks (RED) for continuing to find new & creative ways of getting our message to more people regarding the Global Fund & our movement to end HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.

Please keep up the good work & we’ll continue to buy (RED) products!(Valentine’s Day is a GREAT time to BUY RED!)


In short, it’s really hard to begin to quantify just how cynical people like this actually are.

It seems that it’s not at the governmental or supra-national level that these problems are solved, it’s not saved by doctors, it’s not even saved by the Red Cross. You only need Bono and some rich Westerners (so bored with being rich that they have to find a cause) and the problem’s solved. This latest attempt to help the poorest (’cause they can’t help themselves obviously) is such an utterly abhorrent idea; helping the poor by conspicuous consumption. Just when you’d forgotten that Western society is so self-absorbed…  

Are we too cynical? In 2005 Nike single-handedly ended racism with their “STAND UP, SPEAK UP” campaign after all.




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