Oi Slaphead!!!

27 02 2010

If you had turned over to Sky Sports News at the wrong point this morning  you may now think that Stamford Bridge has been overrun by slapheads.

There were slapheads gushing at the prospects of selling all of their “Team Terry” merchandise. There were slapheads declaring; ‘E’s Chelsea frroo and frroo mate, we’ll saaapoooorrt ‘im evermore!”. There were slapheads sucking dummies to emphasise that Wayne Bridge is a big baby for letting “daaaahn ‘is caaahnttry mate”

Of course Wayne Bridge’s deserting In- Gerrr-Land was childish. How could anyone want to avoid spending time in close proximity with a person who used to be a close friend but then chose not only to break your trust but also shit on you in such a public fashion. The slapheads will ask; “Why can’t he be a man about it?”, yeah why can’t Bridge accept that neanderthals still have a right to drag women off to their caves. As for the England situation, the slapheads probably haven’t realised that Bridges’ decision may be the best for their dressing room; ideas of trust and relying on one another seem to be highly prized in male groupings. “JT”, as England’s talisman, won’t be dropped.

After watching the procession of slapheads I wondered how these fully grown adults still hold a person like John Terry in any esteem, especially when they will know about the sordid details of his “private life”. The fact he’s still a hero to some is actually a revolting thought. Thankfully there should be a sizeable minority of Chelsea fans that will feel embarrassed by their captain.

Anyway back to real life, thanks to the suggestions from Sky Sports News I’ve decided to pop down to my local bookmakers. Apparently you can get 25-1 on the possibility that the Man City and Chelsea players will re-enact scenes from the film The Warriors in the centre circle.




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