Another one bites the dust……

26 02 2010

First it was Chester City (at least Kidderminster have spared a caring thought in passing; Chester Expulsion Costs Harriers Points!! ), then it was Portsmouth, now it’s Caernarfon Town.

The Covies apparent demise may not cause too many ripples in the world of football reportage, it may not even cause momentary interest in north Wales, but it’s sad news.  A historic club, with a history rich in detail, has almost folded. As a Bangor fan this could be a source of joy but it’s very sad news. So, why has it happened? Does the club exist in a football fan-free area? No. Does it exist in a “rugby area”? No, of course not. Does it exist in an apathetic void? Yes!!

Wales were playing rugby tonight. As Caernarfon is a staunchly Welsh town its pubs will have been filled by proud Covies proudly wearing their proud Welsh shirts watching their boys do them proud. This happy throng may have spared roughly 10 seconds thinking about the demise of their town’s football club before resuming their diod. This is highly ironic given the parochial attitude of your average Covi – hostility to; ousiders that speak English, outsiders that wear blue, outsiders that don’t like stones thrown at them etc etc. You can quite plausibly argue that the locals ambivilance towards their local club  accelerated it’s demise.

Tomorrow the people proudly wearing their red shirts tonight will be in the same pubs  proudly wearing their Chelsea / United / Liverpool / Everton / Arsenal / Spurs (Delete where appropriate) shirts watching proper football thanks to an “illegal” decoder.




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