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19 02 2010

Just as the Chester story was nearing it’s unfortunate epilogue, (See Twohundredpercent to catch up), the FAW were trying to keep up with the other governing bodies in the “Lack of Talent is no Handicap” Handicap. On Thursday it was announced that the final of the League Cup will now be moved from its present date, Easter Sunday, to the end of the season.

The League Cup is viewed, by a lot of fans, as a competition that gets in the way (You play the same teams all the damn time; in late 2006 Bangor City played Porthmadog away three times in 4 weeks for example) so the decision to change dates would normally have remained unlamented.  However, if you look at the reason that it was changed then you see a problem. The date is being changed because the sponsors of the competition have something more important to do and they can’t make the Easter date. In case you didn’t know the sponsors of the League Cup are Loosemores Solicitors.

So how did we get into this situation? Well it seems the FAW, being a world class institution, needed world class advice;

Cut to titles;

“If you’re a governing body in trouble and no-one else can help AND you can find them (turn right out of the millenium stadium) then maybe you can hire the L Team!!” 

Now let’s see some of that highly priced advice;

“….As members of the British Association for Sport and Law, we are able to provide a full range of sports-focused advice from improving commercial revenue streams to negotiating player contracts….

….We have established relationships with some of Wales’ leading associations, giving advice on a range of issues such as sponsorship, merchandising, funding, disciplinary proceedings and the protection of commercial rights.”

Now let us consider three ideas;

  1. When you use the phrase “some of Wales’ leading associations” you include the FAW
  2. Loosemores are a sponsor of an FAW competiton 
  3. 2 +2 = 4.  

After considering these one may summise that the FAW may have received some advice “on a range of issues” from Loosemores. Don’t forget that Loosemores are members of the “British Association for Sport and Law”.

One could wonder if that advice included the following line; “Right Mr. What ever your name is, allow your sponsors to mess you around because let’s not forget they will be paying for the party, at the end of the day” You’d normally doubt it but……




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