The draw LIVE , as it happens!!!

7 02 2010

11 am GMT – Draw “commences”

11:23 GMT – Draw Procedure outlined

11:24 GMT – Announcement that Armenia and Azerbaijan plus Russia and Georgia are not allowed to play each other

11:24 GMT – Azerbaijan first team drawn out,

11:25 GMT – Commentator says that Andorra would want to avoid England

11:26 GMT – John Toshack scratches noses, looks calm

11:27 GMT – Azerbaijan and Georgia drawn together, Armenia moved into next group

11:28 GMT – Commentator tells us that Albanian U21s from 1984 are the only team to qualify from their history

11:29  GMT – Commentator tells us Montenegro has no coach.

11:30 GMT – Wales’ pot is about to be drawn, commentator tells us that no winner of the cometition has ever come from this pot although Belgium’s coach has won it.

11:33 GMT – Wales drawn into group G with Montenegro, Tosh look lifeless. This group has 5 teams, is this connected?

11:36 GMT – Wales draw Bulgaria, no sight of Tosh.

11:40 GMT – Wales draw Switzerland, still no sight of Tosh.

11:40 GMT – Germany down, Russia down, Italy down, Holland down, Croatia down, Wales finally draw England  to complete the group, Tosh has gone home in a sulk?

So that’s Montenegro, Bulgaria, Switzerland and England.

We’re just off to book our trip to Poland (or Ukraine) now, England, Jesus.



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