So, that’s how it feels then

7 02 2010

Alternatively, Bangor City Football Club welcomes the return of Mr. Lee Hunt esq to their flock.

Bangor City 3 Rhyl 1
Welsh Premier League

“Beware wounded animals!!” is an instruction so often told it’s a cliché, but then I do watch a lot of wildlife documentaries. Evidently a lot of Bangor fans also watch those documentaries. Rhyl, the wounded animals, may have lost a few players but they still had quite a few good ones. Therefore it seemed prudent to err on the side of caution.

As you will have read earlier Wales have drawn England in our Euro 2012 qualification group. Obviously this was the pre-match “red-hot soccer chat” (© David Mellor) topic number 1. As expected the crowd was higher than usual today. The Rhyl fans were penned into a corner and us lot were penned away from the front of the Farrar End. The club thought these actions prudent and we liked it too, who doesn’t love a view obstructing temporary fence? Several of us were forced to use the shelf at the back of the stand for a higher vantage point. 

The Match. Rhyl were re-shuffled so few of their players were recognisable although their manner was the usual. Mr. Lee Hunt esq’s first touch was the opposition left back’s shins. With so much recent change these details offered a reassuring feel to proceedings. We noticed something during the first half , a fine detail that had obviously escaped us in earlier matches; Mr. Lee Hunt esq can play a bit of football. He made several telling contributions during the first half; some good holding-up work and more importantly some lovely passes.

For most of the first half Rhyl seemed to be just hoofing it up the pitch, or hoofing it over the St. Paul’s end if they fancied a shot. Why the Rhyl hordes were braying is beyond me but then our very recent discovery of Mr. Lee Hunt esq’s football ability should cast doubts upon our long-range perception. After hitting the post and winning several corners Bangor were in the ascendancy. We finally went ahead thanks to a Garside header at the far post, the goal was created by another searching cross. Just as we were all taking that in Reedy added the second with a classy finish. It was one of those shots that we love to see going in.

During a goal such as this you’ll have already noted the possibility that the angled run into the box will lead to a goal. Therefore you’ll think; “This is it, this is our chance, we can make it two!!!” You wait for the shot, it takes slightly too long and you panic; “What’s happening, Shoot, shoot, shoot, SHOOOOOOOOOTTT!!”. When the shot finally comes it is more of a caress past the keeper and you finally see the ball caress the net. “YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!” This type of goal always seems to be the perfect goal when your team is already one nil up as it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but more importantly it allows anticipation and then vindication. Nice! 2-0 Half time.

The second half had only just started when I left the shop. Rhyl were at our end and then the ball hit the crossbar, just as we were thinking about winning they were coming back. Rhyl kept up the pressure for a few minutes and it almost felt uncomfortable but then our defence was virtually unflappable so we were still 2-0 up 10 minutes into the second half. After about 60 minutes of play our new hero, Mr. Lee Hunt esq, set up our third goal with a perfectly weighted pass for Sion to score. 3-0 and Goodnight Vienna!!!

Then the ref took pity on Rhyl and awarded them a penalty, which they scored. This was despite the fact that a gentleman behind me declared that he’d already missed it before the taker had started his run-up. 3-1 and One more for the road Prague!!!! 

The area where the Rhyl fans were to be stationed was the area where a nursery used to stand. All that remains of that structure is an outside wall adorned with a mural of Mister Men characters. Last week one terrace wag enquired as to whether we would be able to differentiate between the paintings and the some of the Rhyl fans. They were partly right of course as today we saw “Mr Angry (in a Beige Jacket)”

He seemed to be so animated that you’d think a puppeteer was controlling his limbs. We tried not to notice him but we couldn’t help notice his arms flailing or his mouth spewing evident obscenities. On second thoughts, accounting for our long-range perception difficulties, he may have just looked angry, he may have been wishing Mr. Lee Hunt esq “Good Luck and God Speed” as he lay there on the lush green turf. 

Well that was a nice afternoon indeed. Let’s hope Bangor do another win soon, as someone told us on Facebook earlier.




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