How much do I get for a clean sheet again?

3 02 2010

Fantasy Football™ seems to be a craze but it is one that the Jet Set doesn’t bother with. We used to bother when it was cool of course – in fact we were some of the first people in Britain to take an interest. We got a group together, we held our player auction, we dreamt up team names, we held another player auction, we designed our team sheets, we held another player auction, we got fed up with it.

Then we joined the national ones and achieved fame; we garnered one mention in size 1 font in 90 Minutes magazine and another in Wales on Sunday (You could only choose Welsh players or players that played for Welsh clubs) in a slightly bigger font. But then we got bored of it again and stopped doing it for good.

John Terry, or “The odious JT” as we’re all supposed to call him now, has been in the news for some reason recently. We think it was because of something really quite bad because it hasn’t been complementary coverage. (By the way, it’s nice to see that everybody has caught up with the Jet Set in their thinking!!). The Jet Set would like to implore “The odious JT”  to think that all is not lost!! In Fantasy League™ the only thing that counts is your on field performance, a point made in this article by Ian Plenderleith. You can find redemption here!!!

As Fantasy Football™ is a craze everybody will be doing it. Therefore all you need to do is keep your nose to the grindstone and let your head do the talking. Everybody will be so grateful that they will only care about their team’s haul of points and you off-field peccadilloes (whatever they might be) will be easily forgotten. Easypops!!!

Mr. Plenderleith’s article talks about the joys of Fantasy League™. You’ve got the guilt-free pleasure of spending imaginary money and the endless possibilities of picking anyone you want to play in your team. Then it can lend a touch of interest and uncertainty to the moribund Premeiership, whilst still using its constituent parts. Basically you can create a club as you want it to be.

While that’s all true I still don’t want to play these games. To be successful you must choose the best and that may mean turning a blind eye to your firmly held prejudices against players but I can’t think why should I consider “The odious JT”, Ashley Cole or Darren Fletcher? To be successful you must hope that the players you’ve picked to do well, which is all well and good until they play against the club you support.

Imagine this scenario; Liverpool are playing Newcastle United and you support Liverpool. In your Fantasy League™ team you’ve picked 2 Newcastle players; Andy Cole (because he’s in a hot vein of form) and Peter Beardsley (he’s sets them up – in Fantasy League™ parlance, an “assist”). During the match Newcastle win 3-0 thanks to a Cole hatrick (Beardo set them all up). As a Liverpool fan you’re obviously devastated. Then you remember that you’re the manager of the  Fantasy League™ team; “Dynamo Bicycle Lights FC”. In this role Cole and Beardsley have just earned you 15 points (3 points for a goal and 2 for an assist), elation!! Then you feel a bit confused.

On the other hand, maybe we’ve been too harsh on Fantasy League™. It could be the tool that leads to a greater appreciation of football in general. Once the edge has been taken off disappointment fans will judge football on its beauty and not on it’s power to bestow smugness over others.

Well, we can hope.







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