On the rails, down the wing, a flood and a return ticket

2 02 2010
Bangor City 3 Aberaman Athletic 1
Welsh Cup 4th Round

Whilst looking through the train window the juxtapostion of the international haulage industry using the A55 and the remoteness of north Walian hill farms finally struck the Jet Set. After that moment of clarity we suddenly came to a realisation; for the last two years Bangor City had progressed from the 4th round of the Welsh Cup thanks to penalties.

That these two matches had ended in the dreaded shootout was actually a perfectly reasonable situation as we had played two Welsh Premier clubs, especially when you add that the first was away and the second was against the eventual Welsh champions. How embarrassing would a hatrick be? Very embarrassing, as Aberaman played in a division below, but that would never happen, would it?

Aberaman entered the field of play looking resplendent. They carried off their red and yellow creation with considerable elan, their yellow numbers were soooooo Wales in the ’70s. You would never have put Leighton James, their manager, into the same design pantheon as Bobby Gould before this stylistic triumph, where have you been hiding Leights baby?

Despite Aberaman presenting a reasonably large hurdle a few supporters sleep walked through early parts of the match. Most believed that it was simply a matter of time before we put the game beyond doubt or to use the words of one terrace pundit; “Just one goal will open ’em up, just one goal!!” Bangor did look purposeful when in possession so you can understand this view.

Aberaman scored the first goal. There was a cry of anguish but it did not become panic. “Just one goal, one goal is all we need, one goal is all we need!!” was our mantra.  And to be fair to us, again, Bangor looked like they could score a few as well. Was this due to our incantation? After a few minutes a few lost their zen and gave in to the panic but there was no need to panic, our goal came from a firm Reedy shot that the keeper couldn’t push away. The rest of the first half was goalless.

Just after the beginning of the second half,  just after the point when the Aberaman fans had unfurled their flag, Craig Garside scored our second. As I made my way around the pitch I appeared to be the magnet for the ball. As I wondered if I actually had magical powers I noticed that our new winger Eddie Jebb was receiving a lot of the ball. There I was thinking that I had the power of the Shaman and it’s was down to our tricky new winger on our side all the time. Now I finally realise the reasons for banning folk football in earlier centuries, its connection with witch craft.

After we went into the lead Stotty hit the crossbar with a backheel and missed a sitter while Sion hit a post. Reedy ran with the ball for an age and the run was only halted by a foul in the area. He scored the pen himself. So that was it, we were through to the Quarter Finals again.

Bangor City V Airbus UK
Welsh Premier League
Postponed due to dampness

We may have been spared a soaking but we were also deprived the chance to see Lee Hunt (a long-term hero of the Jet Set) wearing Bangor blue and not Rhyl white for the first time in 7 years. Bloody hell 7 years, 7 years!!!! Where does the time go?




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