If it wasn’t bad enough…..

28 01 2010

Sometimes less is more. You could argue that less is more is often the correct way to do things in fact. Most of us were perfectly happy watching football on TV in the good old-fashioned way, then they gave us High Definition so we could see Rooney’s flared nostrils in all their glory. We used to be happy watching football in 2 dimensions, but now we are in line for an improvement  on that as well.

Sky like to think it will be an improvement; “Gerry O’Sullivan, Sky’s director of strategic product development, said: “Sunday will be a really historic day for television.” Well, for once Sky may be right, we’ve never had this before.

So football is to be the guinea pig for 3-D TV, what charming thoughts that conjurs up. Now we won’t just get a good view of Rooney’s flared nostrils but we’ll get them, and his contorted face, looming out of the screen at us. The thought of Ashley Cole, Lamps, Stevie G or JT flying out of the screen should be enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

It’s easy to carp, an expert should put us right; “…..Tom Morrod, TV analyst at Screen Digest, said: “When Wayne Rooney curves in a free kick it will feel like you’re really there. But, I’m looking forward to prospect of groups of hard-core football fans drinking pints with silly glasses on.” Ye Gods, “hard-core football fans” is it? He must mean models like the ones below;

Yes we’re all like that aren’t we? A glass in one hand, a celebration in the other and our mouths perpetually ready to shout “C’mon you useless prick!!!” or other bon mots. Us hardcore fans always go “dahn the pub” to get our fix but will we let those “silly glasses” put us off? How could we? We’re ‘ardcore!!!

You have to think, what the hell is the point? Why would you want to get up close to a Wayne Rooney Free Kick anyway? It might be the next step and it may stick around, but how the fuck is it going to recreate your “match-going experience”?

No doubt Sky will charge the proverbial arm and a leg to use this service, on second thoughts….




2 responses

29 01 2010

I think I’d prefer to see Maradona do that than Lampard any day of the week, Diego’s just Diego.

29 01 2010

Remember that Maradona rush to the camera after scoring against Greece in USA 1994? I wouldn’t be that keen to see that in 3-D: it was quite graphic the first time. That said, he does get brownie points with me for hanging out with Fidel and Chavez.

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