A little peek into the past

19 01 2010

Whilst surfing the internet we stumbled across the little nugget underneath whilst looking for Welsh Cup news. I found it here.


“Llandudno, of the Cymru Alliance, are to retain home advantage for their Allbright Bitter Welsh Cup quarter-final tie with Cardiff City on 28 February. They have agreed a crowd limit of 1,500 with local police.”


Welsh football was mentioned in a broadsheet!!!!!! Llandudno was mentioned in a broadsheet and it wasn’t because of a serial killer!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember the game like it was yesterday, 1995………….

…………..The town was  beset by cup fever; they were about to play Cardiff City at home. In the previous round  Llandudno had hammered the holders Barry Town (featuring Robbie James) in a replay and this meant they would host the bluebirds.

Cardiff, big old Cardiff, were coming to town and tickets were on sale everywhere. Then some people realised that it was THE Big Bad Cardiff coming to town, then the local media realised it was THE Big Bad Cardiff would be coming to town. The town was gripped by a moral panic; The infamous Soul Crew were coming to lay waste our pleasant and lucrative little town. The quaking fear felt by everybody led to the construction of a  new turnstile at the ground, exclusively for the use of the Cardiff fans. 

Then roughly 5 Cardiff fans turned up, they stood behind me.

The game was poised to be historic (Not the first historic game mind you; Llandudno once held 2 Welsh Cup Finals and 2 Welsh internationals); tiny Llandudno were 3 games from Europe!!!   The crowd was massive (nearly 7% of Llandudno’s population) but the  conditions were poor, the floodlights pylons resembled Palm trees in a hurricane.

During the match Llandudno kept their head above water until local boy Carl Dale scored the winner for Cardiff. The goal came in the last 5 minutes. The dream was over, they’d reached for the stars but foundered on the harsh reality of playing a better team.

Sadly Llandudno will never see a full house again, the clubs playing in England were barred from the Welsh Cup 5 months later and Caernarfon Town don’t have the cachet.




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