A couple of games

16 01 2010
Bangor City 3 Cefn Druids 1
Welsh Premier League

The first half was great. We scored two goals and it should have been more. The passing was good; quick and sharp to feet, Morley in particular sprayed distribution elegantly. The second half arrived like a shock. The Druids scored. Because the ball bounced off a stanchion there was momentary disbelief. The disbelief held for about 15 minutes,  life was uncomfortable; our lead was under severe threat and this led to much moaning. Then we scored a third after a Sharp penalty, all was good. Big nose Phillips didn’t like the decision and squared up to the ref, he was over 10 yards away!!!

Always leave on a joke!!! I THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! 


Prestatyn Town 0 Aberystwyth Town 2
Welsh Premier League

I’d forgotten that Alan Morgan was now Aber’s manager, then my reverie was interupted by Morg’s distinctive voice. The match was quite entertaining, Aber took an early lead and then it was sort of end to end, or if not end to end then left to right, or at least backwards and forwards. But then sometimes it went sideways too so I suppose really you could call it a bit of a mixed back.

The second half was more  of the same then Aber scored again. The application of Prestatyn pressure led the match to become a touch feisty. Prestatyn’s fans became audibly excited by this. Everybody was infected by the euphoria; one Prestatyn offcial called Morgs a wanker, although this bloke may be an habitual moaner; he didn’t like linesmen either. Anyway Bari Morgan is still an objectionable little twat and I left early.




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