Festivities fall flat

2 01 2010
Porthmadog V Bangor City
Welsh Premier League

Friday Night;  The sky was clear so I thought “Tomorrow will be lovely!!”

Saturday Morning; There was something about the tone of the text, I knew straight away it was bad news. I didn’t know what was worse, the match being off due to a frozen pitch or the realisation that I’d forgotten my GCSE  meteorology. I should have remembered that a clear sky in Winter usually means frost in the morning.

Colwyn Bay V Somebody or other
Unibond League

What better way to see in the new year is there than watching Colwyn Bay play football? Staying at home and watching DVDs obviously. (Three Colours Blue and The Comic Strip Box Set). No buses you see.

Bangor City 2 Porthmadog 0
Welsh Premier League

There was a time when you could rely on traffic, you knew where you were with it. Then they demolished the bridge in Llandudno, now we don’t  have a clue. Thanks to the lack of a bridge  and the festive traffic I missed the train. Consequently I was too late to sell much stuff. There were quite a few German people here today and they were all patiently waiting to swap their cash for our highly sought after goodies. Although a couple did seem a little disappointed with the selection on offer.

Today we’d didn’t have that familiar festive rustle of polyester as Caernarfon have departed the league. Thankfully Port also have fans whose chosen form of communication is anti-Bangor songs so it didn’t feel too strange. At frequent intervals during the first half the Port fans bounced up and down for some reason.

The play. We couldn’t relax until injury time, the point of the match when Jamie Reed scored his second of the game. When we attacked the Farrar End in the first half we looked good. Hoy and Morley looked good in midfield. Morley even performed a Cruyff turn!!  We could have had a few more chances but then so could Port. The fans didn’t rest easily at half time.

In the second half Port’s approach exacerbated our uneasiness, especially when it was coupled with our inability to score again. Port seemed to have as much chance as winning as we did, for every break they made my buttocks clenched involuntarily. We did force a few corners though so my muscles  could relax at these points. When we bogged down in midfield after it had looked promising I tensed again. Thankfully Reedy helped my tension with his late late Christmas Present to us all.

Whilst Port were unwelcome in their approach I had a very welcome visitor today; Carl, an old comrade from Wales away matches. It was good to see an old face from north Walian football, football does have the power to unite after all!! And it was Christmas too.



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