So this is nearly Christmas, warmth is over, if your coat is too thin

19 12 2009
Tranmere Rovers 2 Bristol Rovers 0
League One

This time I managed to get to the ground in a reasonable twenty minutes. On our leisurely promenade we past festive graffitti and festive adverts for “books” extolling the exploits of a kleptomaniac. Originally we wanted to get to a pub as early as possible to catch the televisual feast of a match involving Liverpool FC, having a soft spot for the reds. We managed to see the last 25 minutes.

Liverpool’s defeat was very amusing for the Tranmere fans near me and you can’t fail to understand their viewpoint. Even in this area, an area with a professional club that has a proud history, there are still far too many people supporting the more interesting, i.e. “bigger and better”, clubs. It is a widely held frustration to judge from a fan profile in the fanzine. Even though she said her second team is Cefn Druids this shouldn’t invalidate her opinion. Just after the televisual treat I found myself in the middle of a philosophical debate about the role of Jesus in the Muslim religion, I left in a good mood.

The match was what I’d envisage to be a typical match at this level; The play could be pretty, it could be  tidy,  it could also be utilitarian route one. Tranmere had more of first half and took the lead after about half an hour. In the second half the Bristolian Rovers applied a bit of pressure and “won” a few corners, they also hit the goalposts twice. Having said that Tranmere’s keeper didn’t have much to do. Tranmere scored their second just after the ball had been in their area, after a few nice passes the ball was at the other end and eventually in the net. Tranmere looked better today than when I’d watched them a couple of months ago, the added ingredient appeared to be that elusive commodity called confidence.

The biggest thing that we noticed today was the referee, or if you’re being pedantic we didn’t really notice him (good refs are supposed to be heard and not seen). Despite the catcalls from around me on occasion he didn’t seem to get much wrong at all. He allowed the advantage frequently and that aided the flow of the match. How refreshing it was to see a referee “play well”!!! On the other hand I was a neutral here so I viewed the ref in a non-partisan fashion. If  he did get a decision wrong it wouldn’t have bothered me anyway. Maybe the crap refs in the WPL look passable to people who just turn up to watch WPL matches as mildly interested visitors. At the end of the day, as Post-modernists like to say to each other, no one person’s view is more valid than another’s. We can all take heart from that.

It didn’t snow on the way home.




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