Very much a game of two halves John

12 12 2009
Newtown 2 Bangor City 5
Welsh Premier League

The teambus was our method of transport this week. They say that you shouldn’t get too close to your heroes so I sat at the front. We disembarked into the mid-Wales sun with stiff limbs. Luckily I caught my knee on the door as I left, now my image was ruined in front of my heroes. The shame!!!! The shame!!! I’d done so well on the way down, sifting my topics of conversation so I didn’t appear to be weird.

Newtown definitely feels better on a Saturday afternoon than on a Tuesday evening, there were people around and everything!! We met Jasper in one of the lovely pubs on Newtown’s high street. A lovely walk to the ground followed, despite the loveliness of the surroundings it wasn’t the same without a cup on offer at the end of the game, or without local legend Dave Davies announcing our arrival.

We were late, we reached the ground to find that the match had already started. I noticed a gap in the fence near the corner. It seemed a nice vantage point and I’d save £6, then the others went in so I followed. The first half was a bit drab, a bit bleurgh, we had a few goalscoring opportunities but not that many, Newtown hit the bar so it started to feel like another one of those days. We murmured at half time.

Just into the second half we scored, just after that we scored again, and again, and again. 4 goals were scored in the first 15 minutes of the second half. What were we worrying about? It was pretty impressive stuff, as was my high speed texting in cold conditions. In such extremes your body can show remarkable dexterity. Your credit tends to be less dextrous, several of us actually wanted Bangor to stop scoring so we’d actually have some credit left by the end of the match. Well we’re just egotistical products of capitalist society.

Just after Bangor’s fourth goal some terrace wag, possibly yours truly, declared that now we could relax as we were past that dreaded milestone of 3-0, an obviously easily eroded lead. Newtown scored their first then they scored a penalty, then they missed a “gilt-edged” (I don’t what it really means either – ed.) opportunity when their player had a air-shot on the border of the six yard area, the wag felt suitably muted, nay foolish. Luckily Sharpy calmed strode forward to calm nearly miss the ball into the goal. 5-2, 5-2, 5-2!!!!!

The bus ride home was fun, drunk footballers can be amusing, then they’d said they’d see me on Tuesday, my heroes noticed me!!!





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