Peoples’ prices for the peoples’ game

11 12 2009

If you thought that German goalkeeper’s jersey was fantastic value get a load of these bargains!!!!

Do you want a new ball for a kickaround on your local field? Why not buy this one, only £99!!!!

Do you want a new shirt to go with your new ball? You could do worse than buy this cheeky little number from JEF United of Japan, a snip at £150!!!

If you’re going to get a ball and a shirt you’ll need a pair of boots. Look at this natty pair. Spend £140 and you’ll even get a penny in change!!!

Now you’ll need some gloves to complete this season’s look. What about these? An utter bargain at £99.99!!!

I may have been in credit crunch related shock but I could have sworn that stuff used to be cheaper. In my day you could buy a pair of gloves with your pocket money and still have change left over for a bag of chips and a bus ride home. Which gullible people are actually propping up this market? It’s certainly no-one I know and I know some high-rollers.




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13 06 2011
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