Just what we needed

27 11 2009
Bangor City 0 Connah’s Quay 0
Welsh Premier League

A month had passed since we last saw a match at Farrar Road, what a wait for this slice of damp, cold and deeply frustrating time. There were flashes of promise from City, but then there were flashes of coherence in the match officials’ thought processes. The story of the match was basically we didn’t play well for most of it but we were still better than the Nomads.

A word for the referee at this juncture; Incompetent. How the fuck he did not spot some of the infringements is beyond my limited powers of thought. Ray Charles’ guide dog would have done better and dogs have a shaky grasp of the laws of Association Football. In the Welsh Premier, it either famine or feast with the jobsworth ones; an avalanche of cards or  they appear to have been forgotten.

This referee, A. DICK from Llanbubble?, took inspiration from Liam Gallagher’s singing stance; Hands were held behind the back at every opportunity (thereby expressing the playing of the advantage). Players could be upeneded, Sion could be clobbered, Connah’s Quay’s keeper could slide out of the area with his hands still attached to the ball, Sharpy could be manhandled off the ball, Reedy could dance through the fouls in the area and suffer a trip…….. Time and again nothing was given, not a sausage. 2 minutes after returning to standing Reedy suffered an identical foul on the halfway line. The incompetent buffoon managed to see this and award a free kick.

It is a good job we all liked football before tonight.




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