He’s lost the dressing room!!

21 10 2009

That would surely be a sackable offence in any job, losing an entire room. “I just put it down somewhere, now where did I put it?” Imagine if there were people in there at the time!!  Gareth Southgate has been sacked but not for that crime, he’s been sacked for the wholly unreasonable faux-pas of being 4th in the League and one point off top spot. Fair enough too, how are the ‘boro fans supposed to cope with another failure to qualify for the Champions League?

Why aren’t Middlesborough in their rightful place? Why isn’t every club in their rightful place?…….. “That Megson, he’s reached a dead end, he gotta go”……That O’Neill, what’s ‘e doing, we ain’t ever gonna win the league like”……..”Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, 4 defeats on the trot, 4 defeats!!! not good enough, you gotta go”……..”Arsene, you’ve lost the plot, you gotta go!!!”………”I didn’t go to the game like but e’s gotta go”………”I’ve played Championship Manager, it’s not that hard!!”……….” ‘e’s lost the dressing room!!”……..



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