Catching Up.

18 10 2009
Rhyl 5 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

Ahhhh, Rhyl on a Friday, does it get any better? Tonight it was very much a case of…………..Well, I just don’t have the vocabulary. We lost and lost badly. However it was one of those losses that you can’t get you head around it. The last time it happened was the 5-2 hammering by Slovakia nearly 3 years ago. Like that horrible afternoon every time the opposition passed the ball over the halfway line they went on to score In fact Rhyl scored 4 in  the first half hour, how the fuck……….? I looked around for inspiration but no-one could enlighten me. The nearest thing to an explanation was the idea that it wasn’t so much total football from Rhyl but a total mess from City, whatever it was it was all very annoying.

The second half was boring, we scored 1 and so did they. Therefore you might say that it was 1-1 in the second half. We only lost one half, that was a fact. Whichever way you looked at the match the hordes of screaming teenage girls seemed pleased with their new club.


Llandudno Town 2 Bethesda Town 1
Welsh Cup Round 1

The afternoon after the nightmare before saw me in Llandudno’s home ground. It felt like a Bangor match, many of us were there. We stood, and sat, in the pleasant sun and forgot that last night had happened. It happened gradually through the medium of jokes and inane drivel. Finding a load of old programmes helped to awaken memories of Bangor legend Lee Harley. By the way, the game was a bit crap and settled by a late goal.


Bangor City 3 Newtown 0
Loosemore’s League Cup

This was the antidote to the poison, the elixir for our jaded hopes. We had two quick goals, incisive passing and a red card. Limbo was sent off for what looked like coughing too close at an opposition player, a heinous crime with Swine Flu rampant. Bangor scored their third in the second via a long-range Smythe shot and everybody was happy, so happy that not a frown was seen.

Bangor City 0 XXX XXX XXXXXX X
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 2
Loosemore’s League Cup

A match happened on this evening.

Tranmere Rovers 1 Colchester United 1
Coca-Cola League 1

We had harboured a plan to go and see Bangor away in Haverfordwest but then we found out about the 6 and a half hour train journey down there (arriving in Haverfordwest 10 minutes before kick off) and the return journey that meant we had to leave at half-time. The journey somehow didn’t feel worth the effort after this meagre research.

So now we had a window for that journey to Tranmere we’d never quite got around to making! The fact that I’d never met a Tranmere I didn’t like and the fact that Half Man Half Biscuit are season ticket holders had always engendered a favourable disposition towards the men in white.

I spent the morning gazing at culture in the Albert Dock. The Passing Winter by Yayoi Kusama was fascinating, it is made of mirrors and every time you looked through one of the several holes in the sides you were presented with an infinite view of shapes and colours. It was so good that it certainly took your mind off the pretentious wankers milling around.


Outside of the cultural high spots one felt surrounded by an atmosphere less ethereal but no less magical. There was a denim turnup here, a stylishly bedraggled hairstyle there and tasteful athletic-styled footwear everywhere; The Scandinavians were definitely in town. The signs were there; mile after mile of alfresco pub table was dominated by groups of men proudly displaying their Official Liverpool F.C.™ Carrier Bags.

As I walked around Liverpool city centre I was struck by a slightly strange feeling; I was obviously going to a game but I somehow felt that I was missing out on the “Big Game”, the hype of the Premier League is so insidious that it invades through the pores. I was just going to buy those official club slippers when I was shaken out of it by the sight of a man and his son, they were both obviously Liverpool fans and they were obviously not going to the game. Unable to go because they been cast aside, cast aside because they can’t spend a week’s wages on club shop tat. Whereas our Scandinavian and Irish friends……

So there I was outside Birkenhead Central, “Go down there, it’s about 15 minutes.” Then it was; “Go up there and then down there, it’s about 20 minutes.” Then it was; “Go along there, round the corner and up there, it’s about 40 minutes” Finally it was “Go to the crossroads, turn right, then left, go up the hill and down the road, it’s about half an hour love!!” In the end it took about ten minutes to go up a bit, down a bit and along a bit.

My ticket was unreserved so I went to the back of the Kop with the Ultras. Colchester unfurled a huge red ensign enscribed with the legend “Brentwood Loyal.” Jesus, these twats never do subtle. The match was quite interesting. Tranmere played nice football,  stroking the ball about well.

I didn’t quite see why John Barnes garners all the stick that he does, maybe it’s because he appears to be very calm. I know they hadn’t started the season off very well but they played the ball around well and didn’t seem in too much danger themselves. Tranmere scored first but couldn’t hold on to the lead for very long. The half time whistle was copied by quite a few Tranmere fans. In the second half Tranmere had a go and could have scored but couldn’t control their shooting well enough. I left just before the end to try and warm up on the way to the station. It was “straight down there for about 15 minutes” after all.


Bangor City 4 Elements Cefn Druids 1
Welsh Cup Round 2

At half time all was doom and gloom, we were out. 2 unbeaten years were at an end, there was to be no trip to Llanelli and we hadn’t even had an away trip to mid Wales. Ian Rush’s son Jonathan had prevailed and Greame Sharp’s son hadn’t. Some time into the second half the ball was by Bangor’s goal, Smithy missed it. They were going to score again!! A Druid shot but missed, another Druid shot but it hit something, another Druid shot but this was blocked and cleared.

Several minutes later we equalised. It’s rare that you actually see such a sharply defined turning point in a match but today we had. Bangor looked disjointed and Druids had the goal at their mercy but we survived. After the equaliser we scored again and again and again. The last goal was cheeky, Sharpy ran past everyone before Reedy literally took it off his toe to score, Sharpy’s face was a picture – “The Scream”


Bangor City Reserves 5 Bro Goronwy 1
Some Cup
Wales U21s 2 Bosnia-Herzegovina U21s 0
UEFA U21 Championships Qualifier
Bangor City 0 Aberystwyth Town 1
Welsh Premier League

The least said about this match the better. It wasn’t so much the match, (we could have scored loads in the first 20 minutes but didn’t, Aber scored and then we tried to score but couldn’t) , it was more the aftermath on the Internet. The troublemakers were either Agent Provocateurs or people with a short memory.

It seems that the unpleasant culture of the football phone-in has reared its hideous head at our level. Where have all the placid, reasonable people gone? Even when you run a mile to avoid fucking Lovejoy, Spoony and Talksport, their corrosive presence oozes through besmirching everything.


Welshpool 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

For the second time in a month I missed a game. What is the world coming to? I was planning to go….




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