Llandudno Jet Set FC Update

9 09 2009

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that the fixtures column on the right (Now not needed) had not been updated for several months.  Why the lack of effort? Was it due to the fact that we lost to nearly everybody? We lost to teams we could have beaten and teams we perhaps should have beaten.  Was it sour grapes?

Not really. Losing becomes a habit the pundits will tell you and it’s true, we couldn’t win at some points. Habits become second nature so we just got used to it. For example, our losing streak was annoying at first but the more it went on the less we began to care about it. Also we soon realised we weren’t the best team (a nice case of understatement) near the start of the competition, so that kept things in perspective.

It’s not that we didn’t try it’s just that the losing habit didn’t seem to bother any of us too much. When the other team scored, the resigned expressions appeared and that was that. We continued to try after every goal we conceded but it was usually pointless, we hardly won. Then we would  walk off the pitch without a word, offered a one line appraisal of the match  if we could be bothered (usually along the lines of “Jesus, How…..?”) then we went home without a word. It didn’t matter whether the other team was in the middle, at the top or at the bottom of the table it was the same reaction; We’d lost, move on to next week.

We did have some good moments too, a few flashes of gold in the pan. Usually these happened against the better teams. Maybe these moments kept us coming? And there were some teams who were pleasant, fair and nice. It didn’t matter that we’d lost to them, at least they played in the right spirit.

If the losses didn’t lead to a lack of enthusiasm what did? Well to be frank it’s difficult to care when you’re faced with the following;

People who hold the league’s regulations as an unbreakable moral code but don’t feel quite the same about the laws of our society. People who seem to think that you’re merely a canvas upon which they must display their greatness (throw in people that shout nonsensical rubbish a lot here). People who think that it’s fine to try fancy stepovers, indulge in lairy piss-takes of their team mates and laugh at their adversaries when they’re leading by the wide margin of 2 goals to nil. People who do the above but don’t like it when they’re not winning so they whine and foul and whine and foul and whine and foul. 

To sum up our feelings, it’s difficult to care about the league too much when you’re faced by people that seem to think that they are somehow very special people because they’ve won a game of football. These people have somehow forgotten that the league is in Llandudno and Llandudno is not a very big or a very  important place in the big scheme of things.





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