Here we are again, happy as can be……..

14 08 2009
Bala Town 2 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

Well this was annoying. Weeks of fervent anticipation and that was it! Everything had been keenly anticipated; the new season, a new ground, Rhyl’s impending implosion. Then we got to Bala.

I’ve seen Bala when it is sunny and let me assure that in those atmospheric conditions it’s so picturesque that even the most erudite of poets are left speechless trying to describe its beauty. Unfortunately I experienced those conditions a few months before today. Today, just after we had arrived in Bala, the magnificent Snowdownian peaks were covered by mist and  a thin, breeze-swept and  inconsistent drizzle had begun. It turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to this slow puncture of a match.

It all started well, the kit looked new and the players looked up for it. Then Bala earned a penalty somehow. Bangor tried to score after this but couldn’t; we had a few corners and Les hit the bar. The other main detail from the first half was a nasty foul committed by one of the Jefferies. He only came away with a yellow card. Bala didn’t look much trouble, we’d have ’em in the second half .

We did nearly have ’em too. We gained the second dodgy penalty of the match; Stotty scored it. Surely we’d win now! Then Bala scored again. Dick the pessimist drew attention to the fact we might concede from a corner roughly 2 minutes before, curses.

The blue massive tried to suck the ball in but that was impossible, plus we’d have been kicked out and banned for encroaching onto the field of play.  Unfortunately we didn’t get another goal but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Someone nearly scored, I missed who thanks to a conversation, but their long range shot, bound for the top corner, was energetically and aesthetically tipped over the bar.

So there we were; stuck in Bala’s car park, hemmed in by the other cars, damp from the drizzle and distraught. We’d already lost the league and it was only the first game. We were bottom and 2/3 of the teams hadn’t even played yet. Powell Out!!!!





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