A New Face!

10 08 2009

We have decided, after months of torment and anguish, to cover the “Blessed Premiership” in all its glory. We have chosen a special correspondent to bring you up-to-date and incisive opinion. This marks a major step forward in north Walian football related reportage and we are lucky to have him. Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you …….Kevin Price!!


Hello everybody!!! Welcome to my new column!!!

My name is Kevin Price but you may call me Kev. As a long-time associate of the Llandudno Jet Set it gives me great pleasure to finally take my place in their golden group. It has only taken years of gentle persuasion to gain acceptance but here I am, finally!

I am Kev and I am a fan of Manchester United. Well fan doesn’t really cover it, as I say in my facebook profile United is a religion, so you could say that I’m more of a devotee of Sir Alex. Even though I’m from Llandudno I’ve been going since I was 10 so it is in my blood. The amount of games I’ve been to is amazing, I’ve seen them all; Brian McClair, Mark Hughes, Clayton Blackmore, Ole Gunnar, Deiniol Graham. Some might say that people like me are just glory hunters but I’m not. Why should I support a local team? I already support one and as they say, you can change anything apart from your football team. You could even say that people like me are more of a fan than people who live closer to the Thestre of Dreams as we have to make more of an effort to go.

So here we are, another season, how are we going to do? Well anything less than League and European Cup and I’ll be disappointed, the FA Cup doesn’t matter, as for the League Cup it was nice when we were kids but its pointless now. I don’t care if we have lost Ronaldo because we’ve signed a class goal scorer in Michael Owen. You should hear my bitter Scouser mates; they’re all secretly gutted he’s finally joined a proper club. As for those Scousers, they’ll probably bottle it again if they get close. It’ll be just like they say on Sky Sports and in the Sun. Then we’ll break their record, I can’t wait. Who do I see as challengers? The usual mob could be or maybe even the bitter Sky Blues of Citeh.

Every Season is another chance to remind the Scousers who’s boss. I hate Scousers. They’re always living in the past and none of their fans are from Liverpool. (Have you ever seen an interview on Sky Sports News, they’re all Irish!) Every time I see them in Club 147 it’s always great to wind them up, sometimes I turn up just to cheer on the team Liverpool are playing. The bitter Scousers can’t take it but I love winding them up, it’s almost as much fun as watching United.

Of course pre-season wouldn’t be pre-season without a new kit. As usual I was first in Llandudno to get one. It’s great to be the first person in the shirt, walking down the street with everyone looking, you feel ten feet tall. You feel somebody for a couple of hours, only United can make you feel like that!

Anyway, good luck for the Season!


(Due to contract negotiations we are unsure as to the regularity of this column)




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