Blank Saturday Number 6

18 07 2009

Fun Activity; Ignoring Scallies

This week I only did what I do normally, but as it was my chosen activity this week I made a special effort to do it well. It’s easy; you forget they are there. However, before you attempt to perform this activity well you have to reach a mental state so finely tuned that you can filter out any unwanted noise or twattish behaviour. Now this probably sounds difficult but just look at Cohen and Miller’s model or the “Cocktail Party Effect” and it becomes possible to envisage the concept. Selective attention does become easy with practice.

It was good today. I was like Charlie Brown at first. They were trying to communicate around me and all I could hear was an incoherent trumpet sound. Then my tiredness relented and I was able to achieve a zen-like trance, it was great; like living in a different place; No “Sound, like”, No “He was chattin’ Shit, like”, No “Whatever, like”, No “…and I was like saying and then he squared up to me and then I like sparked him and the he like tried to get up and I like stamped on his head like, I dunno who he was but the twat looked at me funny like,” Unfortunately this filtering take so much mental energy that it can only be done once a year. 

Rating; A blissful day 5/5

Top Tip;Try to find you nearest Buddhist master for proper tips on how to achieve zen. If this fails do a bit of reading around the subject. Whatever you do, do not try to get into a zen-like trance by sitting cross legged on the floor chanting “ohmmmm!”  This doesn’t work as life is not a bloody sitcom.




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