Blank Saturday Number 5

11 07 2009

Fun Activity; Avoiding Trenchfoot

This was a fascinating experience, we arrived in Pwllheli under clouds. At this stage  there was no suggestion of incessant precipitation. These were not aggressive rain clouds, they were just your common-or-garden collections of water vapour. After a few refreshments and a short bus ride we were there;. Wakestock. Then the rain came.

The rain fell and it fell and it  fell and it fell and it fell. This evening was mostly about being damp and steadily getting damper whilst feeling  forlorn, eating food subject to hyper-inflation, listening to bands you don’t care about surrounded by irritating twats. If you can think of a better way to spend a summer’s evening then you’re a better person than me. To top it all off; a 2 hour minibus journey with a headache.

Rating; Possibly the most depressive weekend I’ve had since 1991 0/5

Top Tip; Oh think Twice!! It’s just another day for you and me in paradise. Oh think twice!!! About going to Wakestock next year.




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