Blank Saturday Number 4

4 07 2009

Fun Activity; Iconoclasm

In our twenty-first century existence people seem only too willing to accept the status quo. There seems to be no ideological conflict, was Fukuyama right?  Well unfortunately yes, there’s no future for grand narrative  dialectics driving forward human history.

From a moral standpoint however we don’t seem to have evolved, we seem to have regressed.  Indeed a philosopher leisurely strolling around a small-medium sized British town at 10 o’clock on a Saturday would be quickly disabused of their premises about moral evolution. 

This situation could be regarded as another status quo, and this moral status quo could be regarded as rudeness. Of course Religion is looked down upon as an outdated power structure  so the term Iconoclasm, in its classical sense, may seem a touch out of place. This level of rudeness,on the other hand, seems to be a touchstone for 21st century Britons; the commandment by which other people live their lives. In this sense Iconoclasm is relevant, hence today I felt like Martin Luther.

What did I do; I waited patiently for people to get off public transport, I held doors open for people, I used the phrases “Please” and “Thank You” and even “Excuse Me”, I refrained from pushing in at the bar, I was humble, I was quiet. What thanks did I get? None, bloody typical.

Rating; Leaves one with sense of moral cleanliness coupled with a gnawing sense of frustration. 3/5

Top Tip: Be careful, prepare mentally as the peoples’ rudeness will always reach new levels.




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