Blank Saturday Number 3

27 06 2009

Fun Activity; Daydreaming

In today’s hustle and bustle this activity is very rewarding; you can go anywhere without leaving the confines of your seat. You can be anybody; Che Guevara, the drummer for Ian Brown, the Welsh player that misses the last penalty in a shootout at the end of a World Cup Semi-Final, a Kazakh sheep farmer, an Australian sheep farmer, a racist South African rugby fan…..

I chose to be Robbie Savage today and everybody loved me. I was standing in a hotel room and I was  looking at myself in a mirror; everybody in the room loved me, literally everyone loved me. Then I heard a familiar voice, I turned around and Ruud Gullit was sitting on the bed; he told me to “carry on being special” but I must remember one thing; “…when you are halfway there you still have half a journey to go”. Then he dissappeared.

I took this to mean that I will become the new Welsh Football Messiah. My powers of management  and I will transform the dross of League One into European Championship qualification play-off runners up heroes, just like I am!! Then I felt weird.

Rating: Free and can be fun but it can be unsettling and leave psychological scars that require therapy; 2/5 

Top Tip; Do not daydream in an unchecked fashion; if you appear to be getting strange looks from passers-by you are probably externalising, this can be very embarrassing. 




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