Draw today!!

22 06 2009

9.00 am

Could we be in for that ride on the Ferris Wheel waiting for Rapid?
Might we be able catch the delightful moonlight on the Bosphorus prior to a visit to Hell?
Could it be a few pleasant days in Dublin looking for that “I still hate Thatcher” T-shirt?
FC Basel?
Will it be a trip to the Arctic Circle or even the world famous birthplace of Mark Rothko?

It’s all rather exciting at the moment.

1.30 pm


Honka Espoo v Bangor City

In other words we drew a Finnish team. They reside near Helsinki and obviously have a funny name to British ears. They were promoted to the Finnish top flight in 2005 for the first time. Here’s their history.

Never mind all that though, another trip to Europe!!!

Wait a minute, we’re away first……I’m working that week (16th July)……….I can’t get it off, there must be some mistake………… There isn’t a mistake, shit!! They’ll change it like last year…….They’re not going to, bollocks.

A year of hoping, a year of dreaming, a year of yearning ended by some bureaucrat and his plastic balls. I’d even made a new flag as well. BOLLOCKS!!!

3.00 pm

Still pissed off

6.00 pm

Still pissed off

9.00 pm

Still pissed off




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